Why I switched from Nikon to Canon to Sony

Sony with Techart Pro Adapter

My first camera was a Nikon D80. At that time Nikon and Canon were the two main competitors in the DSLR market. There were Canon fans and Nikon fans both telling me why their systems were better. I didn’t really care too much about a system, I cared about learning photography and taking absolutely the best pictures.

After a year or so with Nikon I noticed that I could only buy Nikon lenses, sometimes they were made by Sigma or Tamron, but not too many lenses. This bothered me a lot, since now my learning was restricted if I wanted get a lens that wasn’t made for the Nikon system. I eventually sold all my Nikon gear when the Canon 5D Mark ii was released. I was happy for 5 years, plenty of lenses, way more than Nikon, until… Sony came along and changed everything.

I’d be seeing these amazing photos taken by the Sony A7rii and be blown away by the quality, the dynamic range, and the …. adapters. Sony had just started making lenses, but I didn’t want their lenses I wanted these new adapters that could turn manual lenses into automatic focus lenses. The possibilities now were endless. I could buy an old vintage lens on eBay connect it to a Techart Autofocus Adapter and take pictures that were truly unique, have character, a quality that doesn’t exist in the newly designed lenses currently being manufactured.

Dynamic Range, Megapixels, and Adapters were the top 3 reasons why I switched, with Adapters being the strongest reason. If you liked the article please comment and take a look around the site, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the pictures 🙂

Photo Shoot with Model in Panama

Panama Bikini Model

I managed to find a beautiful model from Venezuela today to practice some shots with my new vintage lens while in the beautiful city of Panama.

Gear Used: Sony A7r ii camera with a vintage russian Mir-24M 35mm F2 lens attached to a Techart Adapter.

Lighting Setup: No reflectors or lights, just natural light. Model had back towards the sun, just a little light on her shoulder and hair to make her stand out from the background.

Settings: I was shooting at the highest shutter speed 1/8000sec and needed to stop down my F2 lens to F2.8 in order to avoid overexposing the shot. I decided to not attach an ND filter to the lens as sometimes they produce weird color shifts and blur the images just slightly. Plus the vintage lens is a touch soft along the edges so I didn’t want to further soften the image.

Time of Day: 12:30pm, very hot time of day 87F would be my guess, sunlight with partly cloudy skies. There were some breezes which helped a lot to cool us down. In addition, the wind blew right across her face moving her hair to the side as you can see in the shot.