Photo Shoot with Model in Panama

Panama Bikini Model

I managed to find a beautiful model from Venezuela today to practice some shots with my new vintage lens while in the beautiful city of Panama.

Gear Used: Sony A7r ii camera with a vintage russian Mir-24M 35mm F2 lens attached to a Techart Adapter.

Lighting Setup: No reflectors or lights, just natural light. Model had back towards the sun, just a little light on her shoulder and hair to make her stand out from the background.

Settings: I was shooting at the highest shutter speed 1/8000sec and needed to stop down my F2 lens to F2.8 in order to avoid overexposing the shot. I decided to not attach an ND filter to the lens as sometimes they produce weird color shifts and blur the images just slightly. Plus the vintage lens is a touch soft along the edges so I didn’t want to further soften the image.

Time of Day: 12:30pm, very hot time of day 87F would be my guess, sunlight with partly cloudy skies. There were some breezes which helped a lot to cool us down. In addition, the wind blew right across her face moving her hair to the side as you can see in the shot.

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